How can I download files from younited (Web app)?


How can I download files from younited (Web app)?


When you download files, the original files are transferred from younited to the local device.


To download files from younited (Web app):


  1. Go to the younited web app:
  2. Select the folders or files that you want to download.
    Tip! You can select files with the usual keyboard combinations, such as:
    • Ctrl + Shift (to select multiple adjacent files)
    • Ctrl + A (to select all). To unselect all, you need to browse away from the view.
  3. Click download.PNG Download. If you download just one file, the file will be downloaded to the default download location. If you download several files, the files will be downloaded as a zip package.

Note: If there is not enough disk space, you must select another location or less files to download.