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"Trust is important. We don't want our designs to end up in the wrong hands."

Jukka Nieminen
Sales and marketing

One secure space for online collaboration and document access on the go.

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For businesses that understand the benefit of working better together

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"We make simple and reliable bikes and expect the same of the tools we use to run our business."

Timo Hyppönen
Founding partner

Access to all your files at all times

Having easy access to the documents you need is essential for agile business. With the secure cloud from younited for Business your files are everywhere, but not all over the place. You can work on documents wherever you go and access the information you need

"I need my important things with me all the time."

Tom Jakobsson

Email doesn't cut it for collaboration

Email is great for communication and far less great for working together. With Group Spaces, everyone in your team has the latest versions of every file and can contribute to common projects.

"We wouldn't be able to run our business without a cloud."

Katja Kokko

Never lose your data

Devices come and go but your data is always backed up. You can even go back in time with version control. And no matter what happens to your device, your data is for your eyes only.

"I really benefit from always being up to date with the latest file versions."

Aleksi Niemeläinen
Founding partner

Everyone has important secrets

The younited for Business cloud in Europe is built for sharing with colleagues and partners. And not data collection centers. We at F-Secure know that privacy and security are the foundations of your business and we make damn sure there are no backdoors.

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