This is why we are making younited

We realized that we'd lost track of all of the stuff we had and where we'd put it. Our photos, videos, documents and files – our digital lives – were scattered across a mess of different devices and cloud services.

You have pictures in Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Picasa. You have documents on your home computer and your work laptop. You have documents in Evernote, Office365, and as Gmail attachments. You have music on your smartphones and in iTunes.

That's crazy. Utter madness.

All kinds of stuff in different places. And web services trying to box you in to their service alone. We are not cool with being in some big company's "ecosystem," with shackles chained to our arms and legs.

We didn't want to build yet another cloud product where you store away your stuff and then forget about those precious moments. We wanted to create something that brings it all together and puts you back in control of your digital world. We wanted to make something where no photograph, song or video would ever get lost. We wanted to create a place where you can organize your stuff regardless of where it comes from – and then share it with the people you love. We wanted to give you a quick, safe and easy-to-use experience.

We wanted to provide you with a place where privacy is guaranteed and your stuff remains yours. We say NO to the prying eyes of governments and we don't sell your information to advertisers.

So we've made younited for you. We hope you like it.